Vehicle Restoration Services

Considering restoring that '74 Vega that's been sitting in the back field for 15 years? We can help! We offer a parts finder service to our restoration customers. What we don't do in-shop (engine boring, transmission rebuild, tires, etc.) we can out-source to other locally owned businesses. What we do handle in-shop will make your head spin! Check out the details for our parts finder service and our general labor costs by clicking the blue button below.

Part preparation services

Every quality coating begins with an in-depth cleaning. We offer sandblasting, sodablasting, degreasing, and phosphating right here in our own shop. All parts must be cleaned prior to coating to maintain integrity of the coating. Any parts cleaned outside our shop will only be coated with a signed release of liability. We cannot guarantee the work of outside shops or individuals. Please click the blue box to see our updated pricing information.


Tel: 618-663-1275

18592 Akin Blacktop, Benton, IL, United States

Ceramic Services

Ceramic Coatings are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. We recommend using Ceramic for any part that will consistently reach more than 250 degrees. Our ceramic coatings are rated from the manufacturer to 1200 degrees. Ceramics only come in basic colors, and require a two week lead time for ordering ceramic, and a mandatory one week cure in shop. Check out the common ceramic coated parts and price list by clicking the blue button below.

Powdercoating services

All prices are for single coat, in stock powder, including degreasing and phosphating. Excluding sandblasting. Please call the shop at 618-663-3685 for special order colors, 2-stage coating, and time estimates. Note: This is not a comprehensive list of our coating capabilities, only the most common products.